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Linsey Beeson

Superstar Consultant


My Story

I joined Scentsy in November 2016 to help support my new family. I wanted to quit my full time job, to stay home with my new baby ..but needed some additional income. I started researching companies I was familiar with and decided on Scentsy because I loved what the company had to offer. I had friends and family who loved scentsy but hadn't actually tried it for myself... but took the plunge anyway! After receiving my join kit, I fell in love! I had always loved candles but the wicklesss, flameless concept was appealing with a new baby! I just couldn't believe how safe the products were.. I mean, you can stick your finger in the melted wax and it's barely hot! That's crazy amazing!
I have fallen in love with all of the beautiful warmers and am trying to justify more places for them so I can get more!! The laundry and clean products were a surprise for me, I thought Scentsy was just wax. The counter clean and washer whiffs are two of my FAVORITE products! I mean what better way to take your favorite scent with you everywhere than while cleaning and on your clothes! Now I have 2 boys and scentsy helps with all the smells with living the farm life with 2 biys!
I have loved my growing experience with Scentsy and hope you will join me along the way!! Scentsy has brought me closer to family, friends, made some aquantantances into friends and brought some completely new people into my life! I love the family Scentsy has brought to me!
I am also battling breast cancer and my scentsy community has been such a rock for me. So many amazing people have been by my side and have been my cheerleaders!
If you have any questions about products or joining, please feel free to ask! I can't wait to share all about it with you!

Xoxo linsey

Ps. I love to do relaxed, non traditional home parties, events and fundraisers!
P.s.s. Did you know Scentsy Pays for me to travel? I have earned my reunion (convention) ticket 2 times! They were amazing experiences! I can't wait to go again!


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